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What's the size of your home?

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Let's talk about wiring. What best describes your situation?

  • My house is already wired
  • I am building a house and need new wiring
  • I need some wiring
  • Old wiring, needs replacement!
Prewire calculations assume you would like your home fully wired for ALL home technologies shown throughout the budget calculator, including 'future-ready' wiring. Prewire pricing can vary substantially based on what features you would like in your home. Wiring budget is for low-voltage wiring, not for electrical. Read an article about the importance of wiring/cabling in today's "wireless" world.

How about Wi-Fi?

  • None
  • Consumer-Grade
  • Enterprise-Grade
Keep in mind that our modern lifestyle and our home's technology systems are extremely reliant on a quality network and Wi-Fi system. Most homes are moving towards enterprise-grade hardware and away from the types of products you could buy in an office supply store or a consumer computer store. We recommend that all homeowners consider the network and Wi-Fi system to be the most important system in the home. Click here to read more about this subject.

Let's talk music. How many rooms would you like music in the two categories described below? Include exterior areas too!

Higher-quality sound or higher-grade architectural finishes.

Basic background music.

Now on to Televisions. Please select how many TVs you would like in each of the two categories below.

TVs between 60" - 100" diagonal size.

TVs between 32" - 55" diagonal size.

Range includes video sources such as AppleTV, a BluRay player, satellite receiver, and remotely-locating them for best aesthetics. A basic soundbar is included for better audio.

Do you want to centralize your video sources (Cable TV, Apple TV, Roku, BluRay player, etc.) in one location and have them viewable on all TVs?

  • Yes
  • No
This is called “video distribution” and reduces the amount of audio/video equipment located at each TV location / room.

Would you like to setup a Media Room?

  • No
  • Entry Level ($5K - 15K)
  • Enhanced ($16K - 30K)
  • Performance ($31K - 75K)
  • High-Performance ($151K - 300K)
A surround sound system creates an immersive sound experience, much like a dedicated home theater room, though in a dual-purpose room such as a Family Room, Master Bedroom, etc. If you would like more than one surround system location, click on the "Add Another Surround System" button below

Would you like to build a Home Theater?

  • No
  • Entry Level ($10K - 40K)
  • Enhanced ($41K - 90K)
  • Performance ($91K - 150K)
  • High-Performance ($151K - 300K)
  • Ultra-High Performance ($350K+)

How many security cameras do you think you need to cover your home?

Typically, homeowners want to see the following areas: front of house, front door, driveway / gate, sides of house, and pool. If you are more concerned about security, you may want to add cameras for the perimeter of your property. Good-quality cameras see about 75 feet of distance on average. The high range of the budget estimate includes higher resolution cameras, better night vision, and longer surveillance recording time. To learn more about security camera option, click here.

Do you need an alarm system?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you need a whole-house intercom / phone system?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you want a lighting control system for the whole house?

  • Yes, for the whole house and exterior
  • Yes, for the main areas of the house and exterior only
  • Only for a couple rooms
  • No, I will use conventional wall switches
Lighting control systems reduce wall clutter, allow preset lighting scenes at the push of a button, increase security, and add convenience.

Would you like motorized shades and blinds?

Do you want to control your house through different multiple apps?

  • Single app
  • Multiple apps
  • No house control
For example, a house music app, an app to operate your TV, an app for lights, an app for locks, an app for cameras, an app to open close garage doors & gates, etc. Or do you want to control the house through a single unified app that controls all the systems in the home? You can read more about the smart home by clicking here.

Let us know what home systems you want to control on a single app

Check all Uncheck all
  • Music
  • TV
  • Lights
  • Climate
  • Motorized Shades
  • Alarm
  • Security Cameras
  • Pool / Spa
  • Locks
  • Gates / Intercom
  • Garage Doors

Does this home require very high-end architectural finishes that would apply to the home’s technology systems? This would include such items as mirror televisions, flush-mount wall devices, architectural lighting keypads, and motorized concealment systems for televisions, etc.

  • Yes
  • No
Success! You have completed the budget calculation process for your home automation project. Please scroll below to see the estimates for the installation.
Small TV Budget
Large TV Budget
Stereo Music Low: $0 High: $0
HiFi Music Low: $0 High: $0

Your Estimated Budget Range

Low High
House Wiring Budget $0 $0


Audio Budget $0 $0
Video Budget $0 $0
Home Theater Budget $0 $0
Media Room Budget $0 $0


Alarm Budget $0 $0
Security Cameras Budget $0 $0

Networking & Communications

Wi-Fi / Network Budget $0 $0
Telephone / Intercom System Budget $0 $0

Home Control / Apps Budget

Lighting Control Budget $0 $0
Motorized Shades Budget $0 $0
Home Control System $0 $0
Multiple Apps $0 $0

Hi-end Architectural Finishes & Concealment

$0 $0

Total Range

$0 $0

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